Womanizer 2GO

The Womanizer 2GO is an air/suction based clitoral toy. In the last few years brands like Womanizer and Satisfyer have come out with a range of these pleasure devices that differ from a typical vibrator. After a few years of reviewing vibrators I have longed for something genuinely different so this was a pleasure to review.

I feel like I’ve been late to the party here as I had read many other Womanizer reviews before getting my hands my hands on one of my own. When the Womanizer 2GO was released I knew it was the model I wanted. Sh-Womenstore made that possible for me.

Delivery from Sh-Womenstore

Having tried a couple of Satisfyer brand toys I had experienced the intense orgasms this style of toy can offer compared to a standard vibrator, I had high expectations for the Womanizer 2GO to meet.

The Womanizer 2GO comes in three different colour options and I wasn’t sure which one Sh-Womenstore were sending me, I was impressed when the white option arrived. It has a glossy finish and is more off-white than pure white. It reflects colours almost giving it a pearlescent look at times.

The 2Go is lipstick shaped but is obviously not lipstick sized. I would say it is something like three times the size of an actual lipstick but it still is somewhat discreet as someone unfamiliar with these toys is likely to assume that this is a novelty power bank rather than a sex toy.

The Womanizer 2GO comes in luxurious packaging which matches the colouring of the toy itself. Depending on which colour Womanizer you get; the box will match it. I loved all the gold and that the box is easy to reopen if you use it for long term storage of the toy. The 2GO comes with a ‘lipstick lid’ which keeps dust off the toy itself between uses.

I charged up the 2GO before using it for the first time. It is charged via USB cable and the base of the toy lights up green when charging. It fully charged in no time and I was ready to experience its ‘Pleasure Air Technology’ as the Womanizer website terms it.

The 2Go comes with two attachment heads. They are both made of silicone and are differently shaped. As I have an enlarged clitoris from taking testosterone; I replaced the original attachment; choosing the one that allowed more room to accommodate my anatomy. The shape of the 2GO works really well on the hands, it’s comfortable to hold and the power button is well placed.

Starting with the lowest of the six settings, my first thought was that this boasted more power than the Satisfyer toys that I have tried. The power button is on the very base of the toy and lights up red when the toy is switched on. This is not the quietest toy but then none of the air/suction toys that I’ve tried are quiet.

The sensation is hard to describe but is like a mix between vibrations, oscillations and slight suction all at the same time. It has a rumbly feeling of fast pulsing vibration and you can feel blood rush to the spot because of suction too. I was so grateful for the extra attachment as my larger sized clit really didn’t fit the other head at all but I got on very well with the more accommodating one. This was so powerful that I rarely found myself going above the second setting.

I wouldn’t say I reached orgasm quicker with this but I had a more satisfying orgasm as I felt like its sensations created more of a build up. After each session my clitoris would be impressively engorged with blood. The orgasms from this proved to be different than those I get from standard vibrators. They felt deeper and like they lasted longer, so intense that I couldn’t attempt a second orgasm in one session.

This could be well worth a try for those who struggle to reach orgasm with standard vibrators as the sensation is so different and it really draws blood to the clitoris. I generally get my most intense orgasms from oral sex and this provides a similarly strong orgasm for me.

Cleaning is easy given that the head of the toy is silicone and removable. For such a powerful toy I’ve been impressed with its battery life too.


Luxurious in appearance, rechargeable, well built, comes with two attachments (the larger could well suit some Transmen or testosterone enhanced GenderQueer bodies) I really can’t find fault with this. Gave me more satisfying orgasms than a standard vibrator!

Thank You to Sh-Womenstore for sending me this in exchange for an honest review

You can find the Womanizer 2GO ~ HERE


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