Gpop from FT London

The Gpop will be my third toy from FT London. Having first tried the Gvibe and the then the Gplug: I was excited to try out another toy from the collection. It feels like every time I visit the FT London website there is something new on the site that I want to try.

I was a big fan of the royal blue colouring that my Gplug came in so I was pleased to see that the Gpop comes in the same fab colour.

I have always thought FT London toys stand out nicely with their unique packaging. I’m usually happy enough with sex toy packaging as long as it doesn’t contain crude imagery, but these go above and beyond. The cylindrical packaging is both visually pleasing and sturdy. It’s the kind of packaging you’d want to hold onto for long term storage of the toy.

If though (like me) you are short on space for storing your sex toys; the Gvibe also comes with a handy lil storage bag.

When I first looked at the Gpop online I imagined I would use it as a G-Spot toy, but in person the toy was smaller than I expected so I suddenly felt excited about using it anally instead. It wasn’t long before my partner spotted the Gpop and felt similarly excited about the prospect of testing it out anally himself.

Before trying it out anally I wanted to see what the vibrations felt like clitorally. The Gpop has a range of vibration settings including pulse modes. As a fan of steady vibration modes I tried them out first. Maybe it is because I recently added a very rumbly and powerful bullet vibe to my collection but; I found the vibes from this to be buzzy and too weak to work for me clitorally.

I do know that vibrations feel more intense for me anally though, so I still looked forward to trying this anally.

The size and shape of the Gpop makes for easy and comfortable anal insertion, even for those who are new to anal I would recommend this. The smooth shape slips in and the ‘neck’ of the toy is so slim that I could wear this for longer sessions. Only the smallest amount of lube was needed and the untextured shape of this means it that doesn’t have the usual ‘pop’ sensation that many plugs have. I’m personally put off by the pop of butt plugs on insertion so this won me over.

I was right that this would feel much better anally! The pulsing vibration patterns felt particularly interesting. When the vibrations were switched off: this was so comfortable that I could barely feel it (again that will be a plus for some, not for others)

The placement of the power button was ideal on this and makes for easy changing of the setting mid-play.

Removing the toy felt much gentler than the ‘average shaped plug’ which might appeal to beginners or just to people (like me) who want a less intense sensation on insertion and removal.

The next play session with the Gpop was together with my partner. He is a fan of anal and often uses quite large toys anally but we teamed this with some hand job/blow job action and he was equally impressed. Again the power button was easy to reach so i could change settings while my other hand was ‘busy’.

Overall the one downside to the Gpop is that it isn’t terribly powerful and the vibrations are on the buzzy side. I don’t see this as much of a problem in an anal toy as I find vibrations usually feel more intense anally. I can see us both enjoying this as a vibrating plug regularly, in fact my partner now keeps it in his personal sex toy drawer as he was such a fan of it.

Charging the Gpop is easy. It has a magnetic usb charging cable and while these sometimes have a problem with slipping, this one stayed in place well and charged without hassle.

Thank You to FT London for sending me this in exchange for an honest review!

You can find more information on the Gpop (and the rest of their range of toys) ~ Here


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