We-Vibe Tango Rechargeable Bullet

The We-Vibe Tango is one of those toys with a reputation. It feels like every other sex toy reviewer out there already owns this and has raved about it. And while I have no idea how I’ve gone this long before getting my own hands on one… I am grateful to SecretLoveJoy for giving me the opportunity to get ‘Tango-ed’

I’m going to start by mentioning the packaging. To me this is ideal packaging for a toy. It shows the product clearly, is very sturdy, it has no crude imagery on it and it gives the impression of quality which all sells the product well. I can see this packaging appealing to those who do their sex toy shopping in person in sex toy stores.

Inside its sturdy packaging the Tango sits in a foam bed. It is simple in design and has a sleek, shiny finish. SecretLoveJoy sell both the Blue and Pink colour options and I opted for the blue. The shape of the bullet is lipstick like and at three and a half inches long it is on the slightly large end of what bullet vibes typically are.

You will find that a white satin drawstring has been included for storage of the toy and a charging cable is included. This cable is for usb charging of the toy and the satin bag has plenty of space for holding the charger cable too.

The last couple of items in the box are the warranty leaflet (with details of how to register your product) and an instruction leaflet which features lots of languages and some helpful illustrations.

Before using the Tango for the first time it is recommended that you charge it for 90 minutes. I was eager to get mine charged up and ready for use!

The tango connects to the charging cable magnetically and an indicator light lets you know that it is indeed charging. This light came in handy as I discovered that the magnetic connection can sometimes slip which affects the charge. A yellow light will let you know that it is connected and charging.

After its first charge I had a play around with the toys various functions, just in my hand. The reputation this toy has is that it’s about as powerful and rumbly as a bullet vibrator can be, It didn’t disappoint! I handed it over to my partner to watch his expression as it vibrated away in his hand, he was amazed by it’s power. I’ve had alot of bullet vibrators over the years and none have come close to the power of this and the deep rumbly vibrations that it offers. Most bullet vibrators are powered by AAA or watch batteries and only give off buzzy vibrations. My partners comment was “What kind of motor did they fit in there?” And it sums up the surprise I felt too. Even after years of hearing how strong this was ~ I still found myself looking at it thinking ‘how is it that strong and that rumbly while being that size?’

My first actual play session with the We-Vibe Tango was in the bath as the Tango is waterproof. Alot of toys claim to be waterproof but I rarely actually trust that claim, looking at the design of the Tango I felt confident taking it into the bath with me.

The Tango has a total of eight vibrating functions. The first three are steady vibration settings and the rest are pulsating or patterned vibration modes. As a fan of steady vibrations I have found myself using the first and second settings most often. The highest steady vibration setting is perhaps one for the power queens out there!

The vibration patterns are great for teasing and again are impressively rumbly and powerful. The noise level from the Tango isn’t exactly ‘whisper quiet’ but it is a reasonable noise level for a toy of such power.

A feature the Tango boasts (that not all vibrators do) is a built-in memory. It remembers the last setting that you used and will be on that setting when you next switch it on.

For me, the angled tip of the Tango worked well for providing two different types of highly concentrated vibration on my clit. My favourite side to use is the slanted side. Body-safe plastic carries vibration well so it made for some very intense, direct clitoral stimulation.

One more thing I appreciate about the Tango ~ the placement of its power button. It has just one button on its base. This placement means that I have no problems with accidental pressing of the button. I have often accidently pressed buttons in the heat of the moment with other toys.. and it has ruined whole play sessions or left me oversensitive. There is little chance of that happening with the Tango.

The one fault I have personally found with the Tango is that I need to keep an eye on it when charging. The magnetic connection can slip meaning that it is not charging the whole time it is plugged in. There is a light built into the charger though, so at least you know when it has slipped.


I have thrown out every weak and buzzy bullet in my collection. I now slip my Tango into any toy with room for a bullet and enjoy the rumblier vibrations. I have trusted the Tango in the bath and reached orgasm quickly when it’s used alone as a clitoral vibe. I can the Tango getting alot of use in my house and I think for me it has lived up to it’s reputation.

The Tango is available to buy from SecretLoveJoy ~ Here
They also have the pink colour option for sale ~ Here

Thanks to SecretLoveJoy for sending me the Tango in exchange for my honest review


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