Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug

I do love receiving parcels from Sh-Womenstore. In my years of ordering from them I have always appreciated the gift wrapping that they include. 

While I usually manage to take photos to show their (now recognisable) purple gift wrapping… This time I was just so eager to get to the toy inside that I ripped into the packaging without getting photos of the beautiful presentation. D’oh!

I do however have pics of their gift wrapping from my previous orders, for example ~

While most of my toys (and review items) over the years have been for vaginal use… I do go through phases where anal play is craved.. and then phases where I can go for several months without. I have become quite fond of Butt plugs lately, particularly cute and very petite plugs. This pacifier style plug is about as cute as Butt plugs get.

The Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug arrives in a discreet white gift box. Inside you’ll find a bottle of Sh! Lube accompanies the plug and the box is even lined with satin like material to give the set a luxurious feel! This is exactly the kind of set that I’d love to receive from a partner.

It’s not *just* luxurious looking either ~ the set is also quite practical ~ The bottle of lube included makes it handy for bringing on a romantic night away ~ And the gift box is handy for discreet storage of the plug. You can even fit a bullet vibe into the box and keep it as a handbag sized emergency sexy-time kit.

The Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug comes in two colours, a bright and vibrant looking purple option or a matte black. I opted for the black.

It measures just 2 inches in insertable length and 1.1 inch in diameter. The plug has a flared base and a finger loop for easy retrieval of the plug.

In Use/Experience:

I have recently tried a few plugs of a similar size to this and while I have found that petite plugs are definitely to my taste ~ I have discovered that even plugs of a small stature can be uncomfortable to remove. I opted for this plug as it looked like it would have less of a ‘pop’ upon removal.

The tip of the Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug is perfect for gentle insertion. I applied a small amount of the Sh! Lube included and very little effort was needed for this pacifier plug to just slide into place. The finger loop at it’s base comes in useful for adding vibrations to the mix. I quickly hunted out a bullet vibrator from my sex toy drawer and by placing it in the loop I turned this into a vibrating plug. Being such a small toy, the vibrations carried through it nicely.

While using the plug without a vibrator; I enjoyed using the finger loop to apply pressure on the plug or move it around gently for extra stimulation, circular motions felt amazing!

The base of the plug is flared enough for safety but still comfortable enough that I could walk around with the plug in. I surprised my partner once or twice by walking around our apartment naked with the plug in, waiting for him to spot the little finger loop sticking out...

One more thing the finger loop could be useful for is attaching a tail to the plug. I’m a fan of puppy play myself so I suspect I might get around to turning mine into a tail plug soon!


Being made of quality silicone, this plug is incredibly easy to clean. It can be boiled to fully sterilize it or it can be cleaned with toy cleaner or hot soapy water.

I usually use water based lubes with silicone toys and the lube included in this set is ideal. Sh-Womenstore also sell large pump bottles of their own water-based lube and it's one of our favourites for keeping on the bedside locker.


What I really love about this plug is how versatile it is. It can be turned into a vibrating plug by adding a bullet vibe to its finger loop ~ it can be turned into a tail plug by attaching one to the loop, or it can be enjoyed as it is. It's base is even comfortable enough to walk around with this in.

The Sh! Small Silicone Butt Plug is available to buy ~ Here

Thanks to Sh-Womenstore for sending me this to review! 


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