So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug

I’m usually not one for delving too heavily into anal exploration, but when I spotted a few reviews of this (insanely cute) butt plug popping up in my twitter feed lately it really caught my eye. It's not just beginner friendly in terms of size but also in terms of design and appearance. Sometimes anal play can seem intimidating, especially when it's not too regular of an occurrence in your usual play. I had been wanting to get back into anal play and this seemed like the ideal toy to ease me back into it.

For years I was aware that ‘jewelled plugs’ were generally only made of stainless steel. The shiny appeal of those plugs is obvious but I’m not a fan of such solid materials especially when it comes to anal toys. It’s only recently that I’ve started to spot silicone versions of these sparkly plugs appearing (much to my joy)

So Divine kindly sent me this lil beauty to review.

The So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug arrived gorgeously gift wrapped by So Divine. The actual packaging of the product is very tasteful and describes the plug as being suited to those who are new to anal play. The plug sits well protected in a foam tray inside the box and under this hides a matching purple drawstring storage bag for the plug. A leaflet is included with tips on how to clean and care for the plug. It recommends that you clean the plug thoroughly after each use with warm soapy water, it also says not to use alcohol based products on it.

As expected: In person the Sweet Sensation Booty Plug isn’t at all intimidating. I can see it making a good introduction toy even for complete newbies when it comes to anal. The ‘bulb’ of the plug is just two inches long.

I was really impressed with the smooth texture of this toy. As alot of toy lovers will know: Silicone toys can be guilty of two things (1) Having a ‘drag’ where alot of lube is required and (2) Being a dust magnet. The silicone of this plug is perfect though. It has a velvet feel with none of the drag and it doesn’t attract lint.

In use the plug was comfortable even without much warm up. I only needed the smallest amount of water based lube to help. Once in place its shape is perfect for staying put and it's base is comfortable enough even when walking around with it in, though I wouldn't say this base is ideal for all day wear.

Pressing on the jeweled base and moving it in a circular motion provides a nice gentle level of stimulation.

I next used the plug while enjoying another toy vaginally at the same time. It again stayed well put. The sensation of both toys at the same time was so satisfying.

I actually have to credit this plug as being the toy that got me back into anal play after I had gone off it months ago. Since easing into things again with this gentle plug I have gone on to once again enjoy anal sex with my partner. It has reintroduced me to the pleasure of anal stimulation and I’m more adventurous in how I enjoy my toys and partner, sometimes starting small again is what’s needed!

I want to Thank So Divine for sending me the Sweet Sensation Booty Plug to review!


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