Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump

It had been a few years since I last enjoyed the stimulation of a clitoral pump. 
I had been quite the fan of both clitoral and pussy pumps a few years ago!

When I took testosterone a couple of years ago to treat gender dysphoria ~ one of the effects of testosterone was clitoral growth ~ I had all the added sensitivity that comes with clitoral growth so I gave up pumping for a while and waited for my changes to settle and my sensitivity to lessen.

When I spotted a clitoral pump available on one of my favourite sites lately I decided I was ready to delve into pumping again!

My memories of clitoral pumping years ago ~ are fantastic. The increased sensitivity from pumping made me tingle and made the stimulation from a vibrator so much more intense afterwards.

When the Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump arrived from Sh-Womenstore it was in their signature purple gift wrap. I always love opening up the delicate purple wrapping from Sh-Womenstore. It almost feels like my birthday.

In person the dimensions of the Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump seemed perfect to me. The shape of the pump is like that of a full pussy pump but the cup measures just two inches by one inch. This means it’s small enough to concentrate on the clit but big enough to accommodate larger clits like my own. Yay for toys that suit my changed anatomy! This is ideal for transmen or non-binary folk who have downstairs growth and who enjoy play which is centred around that growth.  

The pump features an easy squeeze bulb and quick air release valve, the cup is even covered in a removable silicone sleeve. I’ve found that this sleeve creates one of the best seals that I’ve experienced with a pump.

In my experience I have learnt to take it slow when pumping, to gently tap the release at the first sign of discomfort and to apply a small amount of lubricant before pumping, this helps skin to accommodate the stretch experienced while pumping and minimises any risk of discomfort after your pumping session.

Pumping is a great way to temporarily increase sensitivity and any play (solo/with a toy/with a partner) is heightened.

I’m really pleased with this pump for several reasons; It’s size is ideal, it achieves a perfect seal, it’s made of silicone and it is easy to clean afterwards.

Thank you to Sh-Womenstore for sending me the Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump to review!


  1. Thanks for reviewing one of these. There is a shortage of reviews on clitoral pumps. They are something I've long been curious about.


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