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Being GenderQueer ~ The Stigma

It’s been four years since I first spoke about my gender identity candidly, The first person I told was a therapist and it wasn’t long after that I told family. I was 24 at the time.
I expected that I would most likely go on to transition to male, I suspected that it would be a lengthy process with quite a wait before it would start…

Fast forward a few years and it was actually me that halted my transition. I’m the one that felt comfortable with an androgynous appearance. I questioned whether I wanted to take testosterone for so long that I’d be all beard and masculinity to look at.
It took less than a year on testosterone for me to feel like myself. With some of the effects of testosterone not being reversible ~ I knew that taking a break from hormones was best for me. It would give me time to assess what changes I wanted from T.
I know that there is a stigma connected to people who transition in this way. It makes some people feel like they have the right to label all Trans or GenderQu…

Sex Toy Post ~ Iroha Vibrators

I was recently lucky enough to win a twitter competition from Tenga
The prize? ~ My choice of two Tenga or Iroha toys!
Tenga is well known for making egg shaped male masturbators, but seeing as my partner isn't a fan of male masturbators ~ I got to pick two Iroha Vibrators for myself. 
I chose the Iroha Mini and Iroha stick (shaped like a lipstick)
Both are very discreet, run by AAA batteries and very handbag friendly...

Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump

It had been a few years since I last enjoyed the stimulation of a clitoral pump.  I had been quite the fan of both clitoral and pussy pumps a few years ago!

When I took testosterone a couple of years ago to treat gender dysphoria ~ one of the effects of testosterone was clitoral growth ~ I had all the added sensitivity that comes with clitoral growth so I gave up pumping for a while and waited for my changes to settle and my sensitivity to lessen.
When I spotted a clitoral pump available on one of my favourite sites lately I decided I was ready to delve into pumping again!

My memories of clitoral pumping years ago ~ are fantastic. The increased sensitivity from pumping made me tingle and made the stimulation from a vibrator so much more intense afterwards.

When the Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump arrived from Sh-Womenstore it was in their signature purple gift wrap. I always love opening up the delicate purple wrapping from Sh-Womenstore. It almost feels like my birthday.

In person the dime…