Sh-Womenstore Mini Pink Vibe

Having recently ordered my partners anniversary gift from Sh-Womenstore, I was almost kicking myself for not adding the Mini Pink Vibe to my order! Not to worry though as Sh-Womenstore then kindly offered me the opportunity to review it for them.

I was drawn to the Mini Pink Vibe by its modest size and the fact that it only needs one battery. It’s made of my favourite body-safe sex toy material ~Silicone~ and it’s a waterproof toy which means more options for play aswell as easier cleaning of the toy afterwards.

The Mini Pink Vibe arrived in discreet packaging and it was wrapped in the purple gift wrap that I am now well used to with all my purchases from Sh-Womenstore. The gift wrapping adds a nice personal touch, while many stores charge you extra for this service… my Sh-Womenstore orders have always included it as standard.

In person the Mini Pink Vibe was true to it’s name, pink and petite. It’s slim shaft has a velvet finish to its silicone and not too much ‘drag’ like some silicone toys have. While small it does still feel sturdy and well made.

The tip of the shaft has some squish to it while the rest of the shaft is more firm. The two bumps along the shaft indicate that some g-spot stimulation is to be expected from this vibe when used internally.


Single Button


7 Vibrating modes including pulsing modes

Memory function remembers your last chosen mode

In Use:

Using the Mini Pink Vibe for clitoral play first, I made my way through it’s seven vibrating modes. I’m usually a fan of steady vibrations but the Mini Pink Vibe boasts so many pulsing modes that are great for building up excitement. It has a good range of both fast pulsing and slower modes that can build up tension slower for a more intense orgasm.

Internally I loved the slim shaft of this toy. The two bumps along its shaft are just enough to add some G-spot stimulation without being too intense for me. For times when I want a gentle play session I can see myself reaching for this. It’s an ideal size for beginners, those who aren’t fans of girth or even those who are less into penetration or who have Vaginismus.

If you are new to using toys together with a partner it’s an ideal toy to start with as it’s easy to use and makes for gentle, comfortable play. It’s hard to go wrong with the Mini Pink Vibe.

In terms of noise; this is discreet enough for a battery powered toy. Rechargeable toys tend to be quieter in my experience.

In terms of power; For a toy powered by a single AAA battery I was impressed. Most power queens (and power kings/power people) will know that a toy powered by one battery isn’t for them. For what this is though~ it surprisingly packed enough power.

Who would this toy suit:

- Ideal for beginners.
- Those who like their toys slim.
- Couples wanting to explore toys together for the first time.
- Those who are new to penetration.
- Those who want a travel-friendly toy.

The Mini Pink Vibes petite size makes it the perfect lil travel companion if you are planning a romantic weekend away!

Thank you to Sh-Womenstore for sending me the Mini Pink Vibe to review!


  1. Nice photos, they give a good point of reference when trying to approximate the size of the vibe.


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