Fuck Buddies

It's nearly a year since I've had any no strings sex.

I've had 11 months of sex with one person.

It seems like a short amount of time but seeing people in my twitter feed post about fuck buddies reminded me that yeah, I've had quite a few over the years.

The majority I had met through Fetlife, though I even found a few through Grindr back when I was on Testosterone and looking fairly 'male' at the time.

In my early days of having fuck buddies I didn't get alot from it. I had a mysterious driving force telling me to be sexually active but in reality I was experiencing a lack of attraction to men while at the same time sleeping with them anyway! 

Fast forward to when I was on Testosterone or in the months just after stopping testosterone: my attraction to men and masculinity was intense. I had two fuck buddies in that time that I felt a huge spark with. One was very inexperienced (had only had sex one time before me) young (he was 19, I was 26), oh and I eventually liked him a lil too much so ended it for my own good.

The other was a bi-sexual man I met on Grindr. He was in his mid thirties. Always dressed professional as he seemed to always meet up with me straight after work. We would keep in touch on kik messenger and regularly arrange to meet either at a hotel or at my place. Then he would please me well enough for the neighbors to know all about it. 

The very first time we met was at a hotel. My Grindr profile explained that I was female to male, that I was on hormones and hadn't had any surgery, that I was looking for bisexual men.

In the elevator on our way up to the hotel room he was really taking me all in with his eyes. When we got to the room and I started to undress and remove my chest binder he smiled. He told me that I had looked so male that he wondered if I really was female to male or whether I was biologically male. At the time I was so wanting to appear male so as you can imagine that statement meant alot to me. 

He was thoughtful in bed, gave lots of oral, knew how to work his fingers well. He loved that testosterone had enlarged my clit and told me that he loved how it resembled a small penis when it was aroused. He was into rimming, both giving and receiving. And again liked anal play as both the giver or receiver. He could get so much noise out of me whenever he fucked me and our session where he DP'ed me by fucking me in the front while he had a toy in my ass ~ was most memorable. He was experienced and it showed.

I've always suspected that he had a partner at the time. His trips to meet me were always a detour on the way home from work, except for once when we met strangely early on a Saturday. He was a great fuck so I generally took whatever time of session he offered but looking back I do suspect he used Grindr behind a partners back. At least he was always good about carrying and using condoms! 


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