Fun Toys Gplug Butt Plug

Having already reviewed the Gvibe for Fun Toys a few years ago, I was excited to be given the chance to pick out another of their toys for review. The small USB rechargeable butt plug stood out for me as up until lately many companies hadn’t thought to invest in butt plugs as much. Only a few years ago butt plugs were the cheapest toys out there, usually made from poor materials and very few vibrated. This being rechargeable was a huge plus for me.

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The packaging of the Gplug was impressive, a sturdy cylindrical tube with a handle. It’s the kind of packaging that comes in handy for long term storage of the toy too. Inside a drawstring bag is included. This is just big enough to hold the plug and its charging cable and came in handy for me when I took the plug on holiday.

The Gplug is available in two sizes, I opted for the small.

It also has two colour options, a dark/royal blue or a brighter hot pink.

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The Gplug arrived with some charge in it already so I was able to get to work testing its six vibration modes straight away. It has simple controls; one button which works to switch it on, run through the six modes and then on the seventh press of this button it switches the toy off again.

The plug lights up at the base when it is switched on.

To charge: the USB charging of the plug is simple. The charger magnetically connects to the plug and the base of the plug flashes while charging. This flashing changes to a steady light once the plug has fully charged.

In Use:

My first time using the Gplug I actually used it as a clitoral toy. The small sized plug is actually not much larger than a bullet vibrator and the pointed tip works well for providing concentrated vibrations clitorally. The controls are easy to use and I found I prefered the steady vibration modes over the pulsing modes. That is generally my taste though.

I did find the vibrations more buzzy than rumbling which is to be expected in a toy of this size.

Used anally; The small size of plug easily slipped in. It doesn’t get more beginner friendly than this. I recommend finding your favourite setting before inserting the plug as things can get fumbly once it is in. Fun Toys also make a toy called the Cring which can be used to remote control the toy.

Once in, I found the pulsing vibrations modes worked well to tease.


The body safe materials, USB charging and easy to use controls made this a winner for me.

Thank you to Fun Toys for sending me the Gplug in exchange for an honest review!


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