Lunette Menstrual Cup

And now for something completely different… well actually I don’t see reviewing a body-friendly menstrual cup as being much different than reviewing a body safe silicone toy. Both are intimate products and both should be well designed for purpose and most important of all: safe for internal use.

Why I chose the Lunette:

A menstrual cup is something that I’ve been wanting to review for some time now, and believe it or not I experience sexual benefits when using a menstrual cup rather than disposable products like tampons. It’s the kind of intimate product that I felt belongs on my site alongside my other reviews.

The lunette cup is not my first experience with a menstrual cup. Years ago I invested in one and couldn’t believe the difference it made. For the first time I could properly forget I had my period for hours at a time. I didn’t have that constant awareness and discomfort.

Then I somehow lost my cup while in the process of moving house. I had a few periods where I went back to using tampons and I became increasingly irritated at the inconvenience of having my period. I was ready to go back to a menstrual cup and I was delighted when I found out I would be getting to review a Lunette cup!

I had been put off the idea of buying a new cup because they are an upfront investment. You pay for a product that should last you years. After a few months of use they start to save you so much when you factor in the alternative cost of tampons/towels every month. I’m someone with a fussy vagina too, I can’t stand cheap tampons with uncomfortable cardboard applicators so I have to buy the expensive branded ones. With my Lunette cup on its way I was excited to start saving both money and the hassle of buying disposable products.

When the Lunette Cup arrived I was happily surprised to see that Lunette had kindly included some cleaning products that have been especially designed to care for the Lunette cup: CupWipes and the FeelBetter Cup Cleanser. The cleanser has a fresh citrus scent.


Available in a few different colour options, I opted for the ‘Aine’ orange purely because you don’t see many orange menstrual cups out there. It comes with a matching satin drawstring bag which helps keep the cup clean and dust-free between uses. The matching orange bag is easy to spot when I’m digging around my handbag looking for it.

The presentation of the Lunettes packaging is everything that you would hope for, very tasteful. The box that contains the cup is taped in such a way that it guarantees your cup is unused and hasn’t been opened before arriving with you.

Pros of using a Menstrual Cup:

Like I said I’m not brand new to cups so before starting my first cycle with the Lunette I was already looking forward to a few of the benefits of opting for a menstrual cup. Unlike tampons; the cup sits inside your body with no external string or clues that you have your period. For me that means that my partner can still enjoy certain intimate acts without a string in the way, oral sex is exactly the same as it would be without my period.

Menstrual cups don’t feel as drying as tampons.

When using a menstrual cup I have personally found that my period cramps aren’t quite as bad when compared with tampon wearing periods.

I don’t need to carry several tampons or have tampons stashed everywhere for emergencies. I only need to own this one item and keep it in my bag.

I don’t have to go shopping for disposable products every few weeks. I don’t have to worry about the cost of my favourite tampon brand going up.

I don’t have a bin in the bathroom that fills up with wrappers and needs regular emptying.

I can wear the Lunette overnight or during the day I can go longer without having to address the period situation. The Lunette holds a generous amount of liquid and isn’t as prone to leaking mishaps. That was one worry I always had with disposable products.

For first time Menstrual Cup users:

It definitely does take some getting used to. Learning how to fold and insert the cup is the main concern I had in the beginning. After a couple of cycles I was confident in my method inserting the cup. Again, removing the cup can take practice too.

As I have become more comfortable with my body I have become totally at ease using the Lunette. It requires you to have more contact with your body compared to applicator tampons, but it’s worth getting used to considering the benefits. For me it has felt empowering to become that comfortable with my body.

Menstrual Cups ~ A good option for GenderQueer or Trans folk?

Not all transmen take hormones so some still have a monthly cycle. Some still bleed at times despite taking testosterone.

I’m Transgender. I was diagnosed, I took testosterone treatment and for almost a year I had no menstruation at all, it was heaven! When I chose to stop hormones I was ‘passing’ as male, I was using the male bathrooms at college and I had to deal with periods again.

Disposable products are not fun to buy when you are living as male. It isn’t fun to find yourself in a male bathroom with no bins for your disposable products. This is a time when I really appreciated menstrual cups. It saved me the monthly trip to buy products, the carrying around of so many spare products and the dilemma of disposing of wrappers in a mens room. Being able to go hours without thinking about my cycle was helpful, not seeing a string to remind me was helpful.

Having this really discreet product and its even more discreet bag was comforting. It was one less worry when it came to gender dysphoria! The main reason I wanted to review the Lunette Cup was so I could tell other Transmen or GenderQueer / Non-Binary folk about the benefits of the cup.

Thank you to Lunette for sending me the Lunette Cup and cleaning products for review!

If you want more information on how to use the Lunette you can find find that on their site ~ Here


  1. Good review, I'm interested in getting one!

  2. Thanks for the review! I like the idea of the product, but I am slender of vagina and a lot of the time insertable things are uncomfortable- I can't afford to drop that much on a product that might hurt too much to work (I've already done that with Kegel beads). Still, I think it's an awesome product and it's so great for a lot of people, which is fantastic.


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