Luwi - Latex Free Insertable Condom

I’m not a fan of putting extra female hormones into my body.
I have a partner who reports losing alot of sensation when using most types of condoms.
And while we have only recently found a brand of thin condom that seems to suit us both:
I’m always interested trying new alternatives and possibly stumbling across something even better for us both.

What is the Luwi?

Well after a look around their site to see what they refer to it as, it is described as;

A pleasurable protector
That protects against STDs
Which can be worn vaginally or anally

It claims to protect against pregnancy just as well as a condom and to even provide better protection from STDs as it covers more labial skin when used vaginally.

The Luwi is made of ultra-thin polyurethane so it is latex free and conducts body heat well. I had hopes that my partner would find this to be a great alternative to our favourite condom brand.

The Luwi is designed for one time use.
It can be worn prior to sex (up to eight hours prior) which will suit those who don’t want the interruption before sex or those who want to wear it ahead of time on a night out (no chance of forgetting protection)

The Luwi comes in a box of four. At £10 (pounds sterling) a box they are not the cheapest but are similarly priced to the fancy thin brand of condom that we currently buy.

As a GenderQueer person I was quite happy to see that the site wasn’t full of the words ‘female condom’ One of my favourite sex toy sites stocks these too and refers to them as ‘Latex-free insertable condoms’. Not a mention of gender anywhere! I was happy to see that they are not limiting the market they sell to as these can obviously be used by men too, cis or trans.

Our Experience -

After a quick trip to the bathroom to insert the Luwi we were ready to go. The insertion was easier than expected. I followed the simple instructions on the back of the packet and it reminded me of times when I had to insert the contraceptive ring.

The Luwi is essentially a sleeve with a large ring at one end designed to rest outside your body and a smaller ring at the other end which is inserted. Both rings are flexible and once the smaller ring was inserted it sat comfortably inside me.

We applied some lube to him as we usually would with any other condom and in use I was pleased to report that it didn’t do that one thing I feared it would do; make plastic rustling sounds. I had heard the rumours about what the older styles of (‘female’ condoms as they were called at the time) were like and one thing you heard was that they were like a plastic bag, with rustling noises accompanying sex. There was certainly none of that with the Luwi.

In terms of sensation; I could feel everything just as much as with other condoms. I felt protected but I also wasn’t ~overly~ aware of its presence either. I felt comfortable in knowing I had inserted it properly which made me feel a little more in control of my own protection.

Talking to my partner afterwards he said that he would rank the Luwi higher than some condoms but that he still had his preference for his favourite thin brand of condom.

Something I really liked about the Luwi was it’s suitability for period sex with minimal mess. We first tested the Luwi on a heavy day in my cycle and it kept my monthly fluids at bay til the deed was over. If you enjoy sex at that time of the month but have a partner who is squeamish about coming in contact with those fluids then this is ideal!

~ Thank you to Luwi for sending me a sample to review at my request ~

You can buy the Luwi or find more information on it ~ HERE


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