Joyboxx - Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System

Up until now I had rarely delved into storage designed specifically for sex toys. For years I’ve kept my top few favourites in satin drawstring bags in my bedside drawer and used regular storage boxes for the toys that get less use. Then I recently spotted the Joyboxx.

I was drawn to its promises of hygiene and discretion.

The Joyboxx is made of food grade, non-porous, phthalate free plastic. It has an antimicrobial silver ion agent mixed into its plastic and it is ventilated. Most people probably think of discretion above anything else when looking for toy storage but the level of attention paid to hygiene sets this apart from many other toy storage boxes out there.

First Impression:

When the Joyboxx first arrived it was smaller than I had expected. I only intend on keeping a few of my top toys in mine so I suppose the size of the Joyboxx is handy for still fitting into the bedside drawer. There is nothing on the box which indicates what it is so to most it would pass as a tool box or even cosmetics or hobby box.

In Use:

Opening up the Joyboxx for the first time, I found the systems padlock inside. There is a small compartment on top of the Joyboxx which can be handy for keeping the padlock safe while it is not in use. I’ve found this small compartment handy for keeping lube samples and condoms in.

Inside the box you’ll find a removable tray. This is designed with multiple functions in mind. It can be used as a rack for drying toys as it is well ventilated. It can also be used as a separator inside the box. It sits in the middle of the box to keep toys from touching/pressing against each other.

At the back of the box you’ll find a hole just large enough that you can charge usb rechargeable toys while they are safely locked in the box! This hole is small enough that it doesn’t give away the contents of the box.

The locking system of the box is simple. I prefer to just close mine rather than lock it but the padlock is there to give you extra security if needed.

I manage to store my four favourite dildos in mine along with a small vibrator and lube and condom samples which is more I expected on first seeing it’s size.

In Summary:

When it comes to my most loved toys I want them to be stored hygienically and safely. I’m not taking any risks with the investment that a good high quality silicone toy is.. For me it’s worth the extra to get a purpose designed storage box for my toys.

The Joyboxx Hygienic Storage System is available to buy from - HERE

Thank you to for sending me the Joyboxx in exchange for an honest review


  1. Sex toys are an investment, and you have to protect that investment. This seems like a wise purchase.


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