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Joyboxx - Hygienic Sex Toy Storage System

Up until now I had rarely delved into storage designed specifically for sex toys. For years I’ve kept my top few favourites in satin drawstring bags in my bedside drawer and used regular storage boxes for the toys that get less use. Then I recently spotted the Joyboxx.
I was drawn to its promises of hygiene and discretion.

The Joyboxx is made of food grade, non-porous, phthalate free plastic. It has an antimicrobial silver ion agent mixed into its plastic and it is ventilated. Most people probably think of discretion above anything else when looking for toy storage but the level of attention paid to hygiene sets this apart from many other toy storage boxes out there.
First Impression:
When the Joyboxx first arrived it was smaller than I had expected. I only intend on keeping a few of my top toys in mine so I suppose the size of the Joyboxx is handy for still fitting into the bedside drawer. There is nothing on the box which indicates what it is so to most it would pass as a tool box or e…

FleshJack Boys Brent Everett Dildo

This month I was excited to be replacing a once loved toy that I had sadly lost in the process of moving a few years ago - the FleshJack Boys Brent Everett Dildo

The Velcro front of the box then opens up not just to reveal all the glory of the Brent Everett Dildo in all its realistic glory.
There’s lots of useful material and care information included on the inside of the packaging and some very accurate measurements are included in this info section (something I’d like to see more often) the presentation is really well geared towards fans of Brent Everett and really is the type of packaging you might want to hold onto.

First impression:
Seeing the Brent Everett Dildo in person it is about as realistic as a dildo can get and is an obvious perfect replica of Brent Everett with lots of detailing that you typically don’t even find on the average realistic dildo. With both larger and delicate looking veins and a fleshy looking finish, this life-like texturing has to be admired.
The s…

Tantus Uncut #2 Dildo

So it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Tantus. The first silicone toy that I ever bought was a Tantus and nearly ten years later a lot of my favourite toys are still Tantus. Naturally I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to pick out a Tantus toy to review.

The Uncut #2 had been on my wanted list for a while. It’is a dual density realistic dildo based on an uncut cock. As an Irish person I have mainly played with uncut cocks so I was pleased to add such a dildo to my collection.
The Uncut is available in two size options, the #1 is quite generously sized and the #2 is more modest. I opted for the modest #2 which is actually verging on the larger end of an average size penis.

In person I was pleased to see how bulbous the head of the Uncut is! The shaft has light veining and a highly detailed realistic skin effect. True to the name it boasts a foreskin which covers most of the head of the toy with the tip staying uncovered. This isn’t a foreskin that can be pulled back and is mor…

Luwi - Latex Free Insertable Condom

I’m not a fan of putting extra female hormones into my body. I have a partner who reports losing alot of sensation when using most types of condoms. And while we have only recently found a brand of thin condom that seems to suit us both: I’m always interested trying new alternatives and possibly stumbling across something even better for us both.
What is the Luwi?
Well after a look around their site to see what they refer to it as, it is described as;
A pleasurable protector That protects against STDs Which can be worn vaginally or anally

It claims to protect against pregnancy just as well as a condom and to even provide better protection from STDs as it covers more labial skin when used vaginally.
The Luwi is made of ultra-thin polyurethane so it is latex free and conducts body heat well. I had hopes that my partner would find this to be a great alternative to our favourite condom brand.
The Luwi is designed for one time use. It can be worn prior to sex (up to eight hours prior) which wil…